Headquarters: 217 Roberts Street, Silverton, Pretoria       Operating hours: Mon-Friday, 0700 - 1630

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Culmen lifting equipment testing and evaluations are done according to standards from the following Organisations:

  • International Standards Organisation (ISO)
  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Standards South Africa (STANSA)
  • Australian & New Zealand (AS/NA)
  • European Norms (EN)
  • Work Procedures

    Work procedures are drawn up through of the following:

    • •The different standards applicable to specific equipment
    • •The requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 85 of 1993
    • •The requirements of the Mines Health & Safety Act, 1996
    • •The specifications of the OEM's or their agents/representatives
    • •EN292: Risk Management & other related standards
    • •Legal & Compliance Auditors' recommendations
    • •Culmen's experience with relation to local conditions

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